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    On demand weather

    Krishinomy helps to keep an eye
    on nasty weather.

    Make informed Agriculture decisions with latest weather information.
  • Measureable is
    Make Precise decisions with accurate reports.
    Krishinomy offers easy to generate reports and analytics to understand your progress.
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Stay Organinzed

Krishinomy helps you in checking current status of the farm, Track current local weather, check latest activities, plan future activities, on demand soil and water reports analysis, staffing the activities. Make more informed decisions about crop management, nutrients management, and soil and water conservation with the help in-hand soil and water reports, staffing the activities, and managing employees' salaries.

Easily plan and decide budget

No more predictions and guessing!! Krishinomy planning tool allows you to plan your crop's schedule in advance and helps you keep it on track. With on the go reports generation features, see your budget in just couple of clicks. Find out exactly where is more expenditure and keep it under control..

Get the clear picture

Know how well your crops performed and why. Powerful and precise reporting makes it easier to guage current status of your farms financial information. Find out yeild earned per crop and per farm. Track and calculate costs associated with field activities. See how much you spent where. Find out how much your paying out. Monitor input expenses. Calculate income from each farms or from all of your farms withing a specified period.

Get the best price for your crop

Krishinomy provides you market price trends for your crop to make the most informed selling decisions with the help of interactive charts, graphs.

Work on the go

Let your data follow you. All your data is backed by our secure and reliable cloud storage. Krishinomy Automatically syncronizes data generated from any of your device immediately to the central location and works well even with Slower networks. It also provides capability to store data if there is no network coverage at all.

Everything in your language

All the features in Krishinomy are available in your own language. With this you can understand your farm's performance in more preceise way than anything.

Easily track your storage spaces

With Krishinomy keep track of all your storage spaces in your hand. Know immediately what's availalble in stock. Keep yourself informed with the amount of the harvested crop stored to make quicker decisions about exposing your harvested product into the the market.

Manage from the top

Krishinomy provides ability to delegate tasks and keep them on track. You can also create schedule and get it followed from your field suprevisors.

Get the feel of the Krishinomy mobile app

Record Information

With the power of Krishinomy, record all your crops information, fertilizers, chemicals used, daily time spent on the work etc.


Krishinomy helps you to analyze the real world things. Get your crop forecast, expenses in a particular year in just a click. Easy to undestand reports gives you insights of your Agriculture.

Learn & Implement

With the help of Cloud Technology, Krishinomy brings you opportunity to learn from your activities and implement better decisions to make more profits and save expenses.